Raw Food Cleanse

Raw Food Cleanse Plan

I dare you to join me, several friends and colleagues on a short journey to test our minds and bodies! On this five day raw food cleanse, we will cut out all dairy, meat, bread and cooked food. Subsisting on fresh vegetable juices, nuts, vegetables, fruits and seeds, we will shed our bodies of all cravings for unhealthy foods and attempt to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Warning! You may experience:

  • Clearer skin
  • Clearer mind
  • Minor weight loss
  • A sense of accomplishment

So what does a raw food cleanse plan look like? Here is my plan for the five days.

6:55 AM – water with lemon

7:30 AM – Green juice

9:30 AM – Raw Breakfast Recipes:IMG_0595

11:30 AM – Roots juice

1:30 PM – Raw Salad Recipes:

3:30 PM – Spicy Lemonade

5:30 PM – Raw Dinner Recipes:

Optional Raw Snacks and Desserts:

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