cucumber mint salad recipe 2
Happy Sunday! Cucumber mint has always been a winning combination in my mind. From lotion to green juices, and now a yummy raw food salad! 

Raw Cucumber Mint Salad Recipe

Why drink juice? It’s an easy way to get a concentrated amount of nutrients in your system. Did you know? Donald D. Davis, in his study published by HortScience, compiles evidence from other studies about the “genetic dilution effect”. The studies he looked at showed a strong inverse relation between […]

Easy Green Juice Recipes for Beginners

  I give you the easiest breakfast to go! I eat this healthy raw breakfast food almost every morning, and I haven’t gotten sick of yet since I can switch up the flavors as easily as a smoothie. In fact, smoothies are a great inspiration for altering your overnight oats. […]

Simple Raw Food Recipes: Breakfast Overnight Oats