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I love eating healthy snacks, and it’s not always possible to make everything yourself. We like to make sure we have a few healthy snacks in our back pocket for when times get crazy and we need to keep going with a sweet or savory bite to eat.

Enter NatureBox, a subscription service that sends you a monthly box of curated (or hand-picked by you) snacks for the month). These snacks have seriously saved me during busy times at work when I didn’t have the time to make my overnight oats!

Check out my full NatureBox review, including a review of a couple of the newer options for snacks.


New Item: Cinnamon Yogurt Mini Grahams

These disappeared instantly. As in, I tried to hide them under the bags of the other snacks and the fiance still managed to rummage around and eat most of them. He usually only eats what he can see, so the fact that he spent the extra energy to look for these shows much of an impact they had on our taste buds!

These Yogurt Mini Grahams are the perfect mix of crunchy and sweet, with a great amount of cinnamon spice! And, let’s face it, anything mini multiplies in adorableness.


New Item: Blueberry, Apple & Sunflower Seed Oatmeal, 3 pack

Okay, this item isn’t super new, but it was new to me this month!

I love how this snack is a complete on-the-go breakfast. It is just filling enough for me for breakfast, and it is so easy to add the hot water at work. The flavor is great! Though I think it could have even more cinnamon, make sure to mix it up after you add the hot water so you get a good amount of the flavoring

naturebox review oatmeal


Old Favorite: Salt & Vinegar Veggie Chips

The fiance loves almost all salt and vinegar chips! However, these veggie chips are much healthier than your average grocery-store chips. While the bag is small compared to most bags at the store, it’s a great size to take with you on a hike or walk.


Old Favorite: Dark Cocoa Nom Noms (x2)

Yes, we love the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms so much that we order two bags each month!

I may have a bit of a sweet tooth, guys. But Dark Cocoa Nom Noms hit the right spot when I am itching for something sweet and chocolaty. I am not normally a fan of any coconut flavor. I usually find it too overpowering. But the coconut in these Nom Noms is the perfect amount. They are rich and filling, so i usually only eat one or two at a time, which makes them last!

I highly recommend at least giving the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms a try.

Right now, NatureBox has some limited edition Pumpkin Spice Nom Noms which may be worth a try as well!

Other Great NatureBox Snacks

We also liked these snacks, and sometimes trade them out for others in our box:

  • Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps are a great low carb chip-like option
  • Dark Cocoa Almonds are pretty good!
  • Mini Belgian Waffles: Mini! Need I say more?
  • Honey Dijion Pretzels: great for a savory snack, but just not as impressive as some of the others


NatureBox Snacks That Didn’t Impress

We did try a few snacks over the years that haven’t impressed us as much:

  • The Blueberry Nom Noms just couldn’t compare with the dark Cocoa Nom Noms
  • The Big Island Pineapple was a little too tough for my taste
  • The Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars just weren’t my style
  • The Honey Crunch Crisps would be better if mixed with other snacks.


NatureBox Review: Final Thoughts

First, I am kind of a frugal gal. I hemmed and hawed over spending $20 a month on 5 snacks. But you get more than 5 servings (I especially make the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms last!), and when I saw a good deal to try a box for free, I took it!

Interested in trying NatureBox? Sign up with my link and get your first box ($20) free!


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