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You might not be ready yet to bring out the holiday cookie cutters from storage for your holiday baking, but I urge you to consider doing so a little earlier this year. Say, when you’re thinking about creating your holiday cards! This Easy DIY Christmas cards activity is so easy, you could invite the kids to join and create simple, beautiful, homemade cards.

These homemade watercolor cards are super simple and easy to create. Which is great when you want to gift a holiday card to everyone and their mother. Make an afternoon of it, create a little assembly line and let the creative juices flow!

What you need:

  • Watercolor paper (cut to card or postcard size) or thick blank cards
  • Watercolors (plus water, mixing palette and brushes)
  • Cookie cutters in your choice of shapes (christmas trees, stars, snowflakes and reindeer worked well)
  • Pens/markers, for adding details or greetings

easy diy christmas cards materials

Steps to creating these easy DIY Christmas cards:

  1. easy diy christmas card treeChoose your cookie cutter shape and match 1-3 colors to the theme of the shape
  2. Mix your colors using your brush. Try out your mix on a scrap piece of paper first and add more water or paint as necessary to get teh effect you desire.
  3. Use your non-dominate forefinger and thumb to press the cookie cutter into your paper and prevent movement and leaks, while using your brush to paint inside the cookie cutter on the paper.
  4. Carefully remove the cookie cutter by pulling it straight up off the paper.
  5. Let dry. Add any embellishments such as painted details, glitter, or a penned greeting.


easydiychristmascardtree2   easy diy christmas card reindeer


Remember, mistakes are art! It’s okay if it isn’t perfect, and that’s why this is a great activity for kids, too. Even the simplest of watercolor washes looks cool on the white card. Experiment; you could try painting everything outside/around the cookie cuter for a unique look!

Let me know int he comments below if you tried this out or you have other ideas for using water colors in Christmas cards!

easy diy christmas cards

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