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I am so close to getting the splits, or hanumanasana. It has been a long journey. I have tried so many stretch routines and videos. To be honest, some of them did not seem very safe for my body. Today I’m sharing 5 awesome videos that have really helped me on my journey using yoga for splits attainment. I sorted them by time, because often time is the limiting factor.

Splits Video Under 5 minutes

Obviously, you’re not going to get much improvement in your flexibility in 5 minutes. However, if you are looking for a shorter introductory video that shares what to do and what to avoid for your own stretches, Kino’s video is great.


Splits Videos Under 20 Minutes

With a 15 minute video, you’ll want to follow this video after some cardio activity or a more intense yoga workout. Boho Beautiful has some great moves and advice on getting the splits. Be patient. Practice every day and you will see improvement.

This 20 minute video by Candace is fun and light-hearted! Great if you have hardwood floors. Pro tip: if you are doing this routine on carpet, you can put paper plates under your feet to help you slide.


Splits Videos Under 35 Minutes

Brett Larkin’s video sequence on the splits is my absolute favorite. First of all, it is a full-blown yoga class in itself (you don’t have to warm up beforehand, though you may get deeper if you do). Secondly, she has some of the greatest tips that will really help you go deeper into the splits. She uses a bit of lotion and massage to help you relax and go deeper into the pose. Don’t skip this part! Surprisingly, it really helps!

Looking for another longer sequence for beginners? PyscheTruth’s video is solid.

Getting the splits for your yoga practice isn’t the end-all-be-all. But it is nice to have goals, and it feels great when you make progress towards those goals. Other yoga classes and sequences will also help you on your journey to splits, and your body becomes more flexibile overall, and you start to gain a deeper understanding of your body.

best yoga videos for splits

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